Eid’s last birthday

This would prove to be Eid’s last birthday breakfast. She was still eating perfectly normally at this stage, and still enjoying all the great food that Chiang Mai had to offer. However, within six months, she had lost about 20 percent of her body weight (almost all of it within the space of a month) because she could no longer keep anything down.


Breakfast with the birthday girl.

Screenshot_2019-06-03 Jason NelsonScreenshot_2019-06-03 Jason Nelson(1)

Screenshot_2019-06-03 Jason Nelson(2)

There was also this birthday greeting on Eid’s FB page, from our good friend Joe. I made a screenshot of it at the time because I found the automatic translation from Thai quite amusing, and more than a little bizarre. (A more recent version is still far from perfect, but makes a lot more sense.)


Finally, here are two posts from Eid herself. The last was actually posted first, before we went out for breakfast that morning. Eid followed Ajahn Jayasaro on FB and often reposted his handwritten “Dhamma memes”, especially the ones in English. Although it seems like a dark way to mark the start of your birthday, it actually serves as a reminder of the need to appreciate the value of the things that don’t last (i.e., everything). As hard as her life often was, Eid was always grateful for everything she had and took nothing in life for granted, including her health.

Screenshot_2019-06-03 Coffee time - Eid Kanchanawaha-Nelson


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