Young and younger

I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan (probably earlier than most, thanks to friends I have from there who have long since sensibly moved to Sri Lanka), and every time I see the nasty images of brown water, I’m reminded of this old photo of my sister and me in a bathtub in our hometown in the late sixties. I’m pretty sure the water wasn’t contaminated (though we often got advisories warning us not to drink it when tailings from the local asbestos mine blew into the town water supply), but I still don’t know why the water in Baie Verte was brown in those days (and probably still is?). Is it from iron or some other mineral? Can anyone back home solve this mystery for me?


Screenshot_2018-11-19 Jason Nelson(1)


Getting my mahjong on in Taipei in the summer of 1993.


Screenshot_2018-11-19 Jason Nelson(2)



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