Food for thought

Idle observations on food while visiting Chonburi Hospital for Eid’s quarterly examination. While I was away, she had to go alone. It was always a stressful ordeal, with long waits and huge crowds, all for a perfunctory exam that never lasted more than 10 minutes. It was almost exactly a year after this (on January 22, 2017) that Eid was readmitted to this hospital after her surgery for stomach cancer. She would spend the last three months of her life here.

I tried to treat these trips into Chonburi (about half an hour by bus from Phanat Nikhom) as a welcome break from our routine at home. Obviously, they weren’t, but we tried to make the best of a bad situation by spending some of our waiting time in a coffee shop with WiFi on the first floor. This was also where I tried to get access to the Internet while I was staying with Eid during her three months in the hospital the following year, but the place closed about halfway through this stay.

Screenshot_2018-11-19 Jason Nelson

A lame attempt at levity, posted a few days later. This photo was also taken at the hospital, where Eid was being treated for breast cancer.

Screenshot_2018-11-19 Jason Nelson - When I saw this tree, I immediately thought of

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