Two 47-year-olds

Dad in 1992, when he was the same age as I am now.


This photo was taken during a Christmas visit to the West Coast in 1992, the year before I graduated from the University of Toronto. It was a tense time, as Dad was unemployed and didn’t really want me there. I wouldn’t see him again until exactly five years later, when I visited from Japan during the Christmas holidays of 1997. It was then that I learned he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier that year.


This photo was taken around the time of Dad’s 70th birthday on July 2, 2015. At the time, I was still a few weeks short of 47 years old.

I used this photo as a profile pic, so my sister Kim got cropped out. Here she is back in the picture after I posted it again as a cover photo later in the month:


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