Pad Thai

Thai restaurants are very popular these days here in Canada, but I can’t imagine paying $8+ for a plate of pad Thai (not including tax and tip), especially when I know it won’t even come close to what Eid makes.


The photo above and the two below were taken on September 14, 2014, the day before I quit my job at the Irrawaddy. It was a Sunday afternoon, and Eid and I offered to make pad Thai for the Irrawaddy’s office manager Win Thu and his wife Tuk at their place. While we were there, I informed Win Thu of my intention to quit the next day, without telling him the reason for my decision. He didn’t seem to require any explanation, and I had told him just because I was worried that he would have to deal with the fallout. (We were less than a week away from the final deadline for the magazine, and were far behind because of the incompetence of Aung Zaw.) I told Win Thu that if he wanted to warn Aung Zaw ahead of time, he could go ahead and let him know that I was planning to walk out. He said he wouldn’t say anything, and so I spent more than 90 minutes the following morning berating Aung Zaw for his mismanagement of the magazine (again, without telling him why I couldn’t work with him any longer). It was not until the following May, almost eight months later, that I confronted him with the real reason for my departure.

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