The well-traveled jumper

In late 1987, I bought a wooly jumper in London’s Camden Market. Little did I know at the time that it would last me half a lifetime and help to cement my reputation as one of the least fashionable people on Earth.

The first photo was taken in London and the second in Dublin, both in 1988. The third shows me making mochi (glutinous rice pounded into a chewy mass) in Tokushima, Japan, sometime in the mid-nineties. The fourth was taken in Bhaktapur, Nepal, in December 1999, and the fifth in Thailand a few years later.

The sixth, with cousin Greg, was taken in Toronto in December 2006, when Eid and I got married. (Sadly, she wouldn’t let me wear it when we tied the knot at City Hall.) The last photo, of me with friends from the Burmese Relief Center-Japan in Osaka, is from January 2008, just before I returned to Thailand. (Soon after this was taken, I figured that I had gotten my £20 worth and decided to leave my jumper and other winter clothes near a homeless encampment under a bridge over the Kamo River in Kyoto.)

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