Communal pets


I’ve never seen such a healthy-looking stray cat in my life. This guy just showed up at our building a couple of weeks ago and has since become the latest in a string of “communal pets” that have taken up residence here. My guess is that he just wandered away from his previous home and decided this place was more to his liking.

This kitty is just one of many adopted semi-pets that we got to know over the years. When we lived in a house, we had at least half a dozen cats hanging around, all well cared for by Eid.

Here’s a video of Eid with two dogs that used to live at our buidlng. Boo, the white bull terrier, belonged to the owner of the building, Khun Mod, but the black dog (who we called Dum, or “black” in Thai) was a stray.


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