A girl and her mongoose

The cute little girl in this photo is holding a cute little cobra killer—which is useful, as there are some pretty deadly snakes around here. Last year I saw a dead cobra with a mangled head in the area between Eid’s family’s land and their neighbors’ (a space left more or less untouched by mutual agreement, although I think it actually belongs to Eid’s family; Eid has since told me to stay away from there). Now I have some idea what happened to it.


The boy in this photo is probably my best friend in Phanat Nikhom. Every time we visit, he likes to come by with his grandmother to greet me. Never mind that he knows me only as “Farang” (the Thai word for a white foreigner); I still don’t know his name, either. Besides, judging from the generous way he applies the prickly-heat powder, it seems he probably thinks that being a farang is a good thing.


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