Dok sanow

Eid and I decided to get out early this morning for a bicycle ride and some roadside foraging. Eid picked these yellow flowers and wrapped them in a banana leaf to take home. After cleaning them, she added them to a nice omelet to have with lunch.

Unfortunately, our plans to get back before it got too hot were foiled when the left pedal fell off my bike. Luckily, we were able to find a small repair shop and get the nut replaced. But by the time we got home (around 9:30) it was already so hot that I had to take a shower and chill in the hammock under the house for an hour or so to cool off.


While looking for more information about these edible flowers, I did an image search using the Thai name (dok sanow), and also got a surprising result when I tried translating it from the Thai script:






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